U3A Forum programme for Sunday July 1st 2018

Above you can see a global ZOOM teleconference in action, hosted (moderated) by Frank Nicholson of 3rd Age Academy, Toronto. An online slideshow on 'migration/refugees' was shown to a conference of U3A Cambridge and 3rd Age Academy members from Ontario, followed by discussion.

The 1st July meeting will begin at 11am UK time, but the room will be open from 10.30amUK. After introducing ourselves and dealing with any technical issues, we will continue with our discussion on the subject of...


The following four questions should be addressed:

is the 'copycat' syndrome responsible for the continuing violence?

what role does newspaper and TV publicity play in the spate of killing?

might gun ownership, for personal defence or otherwise be a factor?

If it's true that "we are what we see" then do movies and video games corrupt us?

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19 May 2018